For injection molding, we have 12 different machines with a clamping force from 25 to 400 tons and with a maximum product weight of 700 grams. Therefore we can find a machine what is most suitable for different products.

With a pipe extruder we can produce pipes with a diameter form 20mm to 145mm. 


We have good partners, who can deliver us all the materials we need.

Main plastics what we use is common plastics like PP and PP, however we use also materials like PC, ABS, POM, elastomers and others.


In addition to oil based plastics, we are ready to offer bioplastics. Both bio based and biodegradable, also with different fillers like wood or starch. Also, we use recycled materials and recycle all the waste what is generated in our production, that way we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. 


Although we do not produce molds by ourselves, we have good partners, who can help us with that and offer us tools what we need.